Ford Previews 2020 Ford Explorer

If you already love the Ford Explorer, you have something to look forward to. At the Beijing Motor Show, Ford gave us a sneak preview of the much-anticipated 2020 Ford Explorer.

Of course, the all-new Explorer hasn’t quite debuted yet. At the show, it was only partially-revealed, its true look concealed by a large drape. However, even this was enough to give us some hints on how the 2020 Explorer will look.

2020 Ford Explorer Teaser

2020 Ford Explorer Teaser

It appears some changes have come along, starting with the front fascia. The model’s profile is a bit broader than the previous generation, hinting at an even more commanding presence. An added roof rack will lend even more utility to the already adventure-friendly Explorer. The roofline is also more raked than the previous version, making for a sleek, sporty look.

It’s not just exterior changes, but additions, too. The 2020 year will see an all-new trim level, the ST model. This new trim will deliver even more powerful performance with an innovative 3.0-liter biturbo V6 engine that is set to deliver at least 400 horsepower.

Of course, you won’t be able to see the 2020 Ford Explorer until 2019—but this teaser should hold you over until the actual reveal. In the meantime, stop by Bob Thomas Ford to test drive a 2018 Explorer or your favorite Ford model.

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