Winter Travel Tips to Make it to Your Holiday Celebration on Time

Winter Driving Tips

Whether you’re hitting the road or flying to be with friends and family this holiday season, it’s important to plan ahead to ensure a safe journey in winter weather. Ditch the stress this year with these winter travel tips

Pack an Emergency Kit

 If you’re traveling by car this winter, be sure to stow some important emergency items in your car so you’re prepared in the event of an emergency. Be sure to pack extra warm clothes, blankets, jumper cables, bottled water, and a cell phone charger. Without these items, getting stranded in the cold can be dangerous.

Make sure your car is road ready

Before you set out in your car, make sure your vehicle is in good enough condition to handle the rigors of winter driving. Be sure to charge your battery, inflate your tires, check all of your lights, and replace your windshield wipers. The last thing you want on your way to your holiday celebration is to get stuck on the side of the road.

Choose less busy airports 

If you’re taking a plane this winter, consider opting for a less busy airport. Often, major city airports will be packed around the holidays, so if you’re able to depart from an airport in a smaller city or town, you’ll probably encounter shorter lines.

Winter travel can be stressful, but with a little preparation, you’ll make it to your holiday celebration on time and hassle-free. Visit us at Bob Thomas Ford, and we’ll be happy to get your vehicle holiday-ready.


Winter Weather Driving Safety Tips

Winter Driving Tips

Winter is just around the corner. No matter how many times you’ve navigated through the snow and ice, it always pays to review some winter weather driving tips before the season hits. Follow these safety hacks from Bob Thomas Ford and to stay safe when the temperatures drop.

Be Prepared

Driving in the winter takes a little more planning than driving in warm weather. You’ll want to give yourself extra time to arrive at your destination so that you won’t feel rushed. Beyond that, you should also prep your car in case of emergency. Include a blanket, extra warm clothes, bottled water, and snacks lest you get stranded.

Take it Slow

When it’s time to actually navigate your vehicle through the snow, take every action more slowly than you normally would. Accelerate slowly, brake slowly, take turns slowly, and etc. Doing things gradually rather than suddenly will keep you in more control of your vehicle.

Know Your Car

Before you head out on the road, you should be sure that you know how your car functions. Read the owner’s manual to understand what type of brake system you have. Take your vehicle out to a nearby open lot after the first snowfall and practice making turns and getting a feel for its handling. Each time you get a new vehicle, take the time to get acquainted with it so you can be sure to have optimum control on the road in any condition.