The Ford F-150 Named the 2018 Motor Trend Truck of the Year

Motor Trend Truck of the year - Ford D-150

One of the auto industry’s most coveted titles, “Motor Trend Truck of the Year,” has been bestowed upon none other than America’s most beloved truck since the 1980s: the Ford F-150.


This impressive victory for the Ford F-150 comes thanks to not just one or two, but numerous new improvements to the model, which include a more driver-centric interior, a more intuitive infotainment system, more responsive steering, a more durable and steady chassis, and a hard-to-earn five-star safety rating from the NHTSA.


The Ford F-150 model line underwent a tectonic redesign back in 2015 when it switched from steel to aluminum for its body construction. This significant change dropped 700 pounds, increased fuel efficiency, maximized towing capacity, and limited parts susceptible to rust, making the Ford F-150 a more powerful and long-lasting truck overall.


In the three years since that major change, Ford hasn’t stopped advancing and innovating, which is why it can proudly claim the “Motor Trend Truck of the Year” title today.


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