New Ford Focus Offers Pothole Detection Technology

Ford Focus Pothole Detection TechnologyPotholes can make for a bumpy and uncomfortable ride. They can also damage your vehicle, by blowing out tires, cracking wheels, wrecking the alignment, and scraping the bumper.

Unfortunately, potholes are everywhere. In Connecticut, 73 percent of roads have a “poor” condition rating. No matter how sporty the car’s handling, it’s only a matter of time before you encounter this roadside hazard.

However, the 2019 Ford Focus contains technology meant to counter the destructive nature of potholes.

The 2019 Focus features pothole detection technology designed to smooth out the dips, jolts, scrapes, and dings associated with driving across Connecticut’s crater-marked landscape.

The system limits the impact of potholes on the vehicles by sensing the approach of a hole, then adjusting the suspension of the front wheels to decrease the amount of the wheel’s fall. It also sends a signal to the back wheels to prepare the rear suspension for a similar adjustment.

Ford plans to integrate this technology with the Focus model’s Continuously Controlled Damping system, which uses computer-monitored shock absorber technology to create an overall smoother drive. It will be a welcome innovation for Ford fans.

Potholes aren’t going away, but the 2019 Ford Focus is making pothole damage a thing of the past. Test-drive this new model when it arrives on our lot here at Bob Thomas Ford. You can also take your favorite Ford model for a whirl.

1968 Ford Mustang Joins the Lego Lineup

Ford Mustang Lego

Ford debuted an updated 1968 Mustang at the Detroit Auto Show, but that isn’t all the automaker had in store for the popular muscle car.  Now, Lego and Ford are teaming up to bring one of the most renowned models to kids and adults everywhere. The 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback joined the Lego Speed Champions lineup when it launched on March 1.

“The new Ford Mustang Speed Champions set gives parents and children the chance to share their passions — generations of fans have grown up building Lego sets and spending time together behind the wheel,” said Myra Lind, LEGO Speed Champions marketing manager.

The Lego pony car features a green paint job similar to that found on the new and improved 1968 Ford Mustang Bullitt. The miniature model also features dual gold stripes running from the front bumper to the rear. Gold wheels and race graphic stickers set the tone for the performance-inspired Lego model. Oh, and the Lego driver is wearing a vintage, era-accurate racing suit, just in case you thought the Ford Mustang was somehow lacking in nostalgia.

We here at Bob Thomas Ford love Legos almost as much as we love cars. With the 1968 Ford Mustang arriving in Lego form, automotive and Lego enthusiasts of all ages can add the famous model to their collections.